Augmented Reality Cinema App Takes You to the Movies—in Real World Locations

The yet-to-be released Augmented Reality Cinema app is sure to make avid movie fans across the world drool. The concept is genius and appears to be quite seamless as well: Simply install the app on your iPhone, take a stroll through your city (supported cities have not yet been released, but the video below shows London), and aim your phone at various locations to view movie scenes that have been previously shot there.

Below, see scenes from Harry Potter, The Italian Job and 28 Days Later—but the best part? Approximately 0:57 seconds in, when a real life person seamlessly integrates into the scene.

As Augmented Reality Cinema asks, what would be your ultimate ARCinema city? And what movies would you most like to experience on your street corner? Comment below.


This is SOOOOOOOOOO cool, but I don't have an iphone. Dangit!!!

I want one for in The Netherlands!
I don't really go to London that often haha

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