News: PTC Offers Free Trial of ThingWorx Platform

PTC Offers Free Trial of ThingWorx Platform

For companies wary of the temperature, PTC just made it easier for them to dip their toes in the waters of augmented reality.

After concluding a pilot program of their ThingWorx Studio software earlier this year, PTC announced today that they would offer a free trial of the augmented reality solution for industrial Internet of Things.

Leveraging the company's Vuforia ThingWorx Studio enables companies to author and publish augmented reality content with no programming or coding required. ThingWorx supports existing 3D data formats, such as CAD, to build models and content via a drag-and-drop interface. ThingWorx also integrates into existing systems to pull in various data points.

"Augmented reality has incredible potential for the Industrial IoT, but creating AR experiences needs to be fast and simple," said Mike Campbell, executive vice president, ThingWorx Platform, PTC, in a news release. "We designed ThingWorx Studio to take the complexity out of AR. By joining the ThingWorx Studio free trial program, companies have access to one of the most powerful AR development tools available, and users can begin creating AR experiences in mere minutes."

More than 1,500 companies, including Oracle, Solar Turbines, and Fujitsu Network Communication, participated in the pilot program between July 2016 and April 2017. The participating companies racked up more than 100,000 views of content authored during the pilot period. PTC and their partners have demonstrated numerous use-cases across a variety of business functions, such as customer experience (CX), training, sales, marketing, and design.

"The ThingWorx Studio pilot program from PTC allowed us to explore how our existing CX products can infuse AR technology to deliver a more robust customer experience across Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle IoT Cloud, and Oracle Commerce Cloud," said Shon Wedde, Oracle's senior director of CX product management.

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Cover image via PTC ThingWorx/Businesswire

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