News: Snapchat's Newest AR Lenses Bring Out the Minion in All of Us

Snapchat's Newest AR Lenses Bring Out the Minion in All of Us

Despicable Me 3 is coming to theaters this summer, and it seems that Minions are everywhere. Literally. You can't even escape them on social media because they've taken over Snapchat with the release of three augmented reality lenses. That's right, this new AR feature means that there could be Minions in your flower crown.

The lovable, babbling Minions will pop into your snaps all day today to promote their newest film. Users can choose between three lenses to take a picture or video with these mini-celebrities. The first option is one of the earliest sponsored world lenses sold by Snap, allowing you to use your smartphone's outward-facing camera to document yourself and others as Balthazar Bratt, the movie's villain. This lens also gives you the ability to pop floating balloons to reveal prizes and Minions.

The other two lenses take advantage of pre-existing Snapchat filters, the flower crown and multicolor lenses.

Minion Miley fits right in with her Minion peers.

In the flower crown lens, Minions pop up at the bottom of the screen. For the multicolor lens, they show up in various squares throughout the image. They change their facial expressions and move around, so you can interact with them to get a fun, unique picture each time.

The Minions will only be available today, so make sure to take advantage of these new features before the clock strikes midnight.

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Cover photo via Mr. Minions/Youtube
Screenshots by Sarah Tseggay/Next Reality

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