AWE Giveaway: We Promised Free Passes to the Augmented World Expo & Here They Are

We Promised Free Passes to the Augmented World Expo & Here They Are

The Augmented World Expo or AWE — if you are a big fan of AR/MR technology, that is a very fitting acronym — is the world's largest conferences dedicated to all things augmented, mixed and virtual reality. AWE is in its 8th year, and with the massive growth we have seen in the space over the last year, promises to be its biggest year yet.

In an effort to do our part to help make this a great year, as previously announced, Next Reality along with AWE are giving away 5 free passes to the event.

In order to enter the drawing, we asked our readers to leave comments on a post. From there we are selecting 5 winners at random, from that group, with the help of the wonderful random sequence generator from

And the winners are:

Sadiq Ahmed
Julia Jacobs
Fangzhou Song
Sean Ong
Luke Hartwig

Image via AWE Via YouTube

A big "Congratulations" to the winners!

And for those that entered and did not win, do not lose heart. The AWE team has put together a SUPER Special Deal for our readers. Use the code "NextReality49" and an Expo Only: Day Pass, which is normally $249 becomes $49.

That is a smoking hot deal. Save $200 and get to see all the cool new goodies the expo has to offer. From what I have been gathering, it is going to be an AWEsome event(Yeah, Yeah, I know I shouldn't have, but I had to.)

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Cover image via AWE/YouTube

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