GIVEAWAY ALERT: AWE Is Here & We Are Giving Away Free Passes!

AWE Is Here & We Are Giving Away Free Passes!

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) is upon us, and that means it's time to get excited about all the awesome next reality things to come.

AWE is the world's largest AR and VR conference, and this year the event is dedicated to "Superpowers to Change the World." Pretty cool to think about, isn't it? Who knows what is going to come out of the conference's 8th year, but there definitely will be a few speakers and AR devices that are set to do just that.

That's why we here at Next Reality are giving away five free individual passes to the event. If you ever dreamed of trying out a HoloLens or find out the latest on any number of other AR/MR hardware options, then now might just be your chance.

Ori Inbar, CEO and Founder of, the producing organization of AWE, emphasized to Next Reality how important the event is to the AR industry's growth:

Many AR entrepreneurs expressed the day to day frustration of the lack of awareness to AR's benefits and the constant uphill battle to educate partners and clients. AWE [is] a place to get together from all over the world and feel the amazing energy of this industry; Entrepreneurs got the conviction they are not alone and got inspired to go back home and keep pushing the vision and unmatched potential of this tech.

AWE will even feature some of our Next Reality 50 People to Watch in AR and MR. Speakers such as Tony Parisi, Global Head of VR/AR at Unity, and Remi El-Ouazzane, VP of Intel's New Technology Group, will be there as well as Eric Mizufuka, Product Manager at Epson America, and Parham Aarabi, the CEO of Modiface, will be speaking at the event.

To enter our giveaway, comment below and tell us what you are most excited to see at the AWE event. When you sign up to leave a comment, make sure you use an email we can reach you with. The giveaway closes Sunday at midnight EST. Five winners will be chosen at random and announced on Monday.

If you don't win our giveaway, then not to worry. We also have discounted tickets available at Eventbrite. Just enter our code "NEXTREALITY49" and save 80% on an Expo Only: Day Pass to AWE.

We hope to see you all there!

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the new development in VR and AR

Hi, my name is Noah Schiffman or NoahAS. I think I actually have 3 accounts here on this website. My favorite passion for the last 3 and a half years has been Magic Leap, Inc. That's me wearing the shirt. and jacket. here, have a look:

Image via

This is me. I also have the coffee thermos.

My coffee Thermos while writing my reply.

I live in the Coachella valley in deep in the heart of Southern California nearby where you guy's are actually holding the AWE expo. I'm also a writer. I wrote these:

Magic Leap — it's coming… And it's Going To Change Your 'Perspective' On Reality! Through The Eyes Of a Young Man Who Aspires To Be Like Rony Abovitz


Magic Leap — An Adventure In Mixed Reality: The Four Pillars | Change is Imminent

I had a bit of help with the second one. but I may touch up the first one now as well if there's anything I want it's to win this contest and see Magic Leap for myself.

Thanks! Sincerely NoahAS aka NoahASchiffman my twitter

/u/Noah_A_S (my reddit)


Most excited to see some high-fidelity displays, more untethered AR headsets (Daydream + Tango please?), and any multi-user gaming/social AR experiences.

Hope to see you there as well!

Very interesting in seeing advances in self-contained systems and tracking, as well as new interfaces and possible solutions to accommodation-vergence conflicts.

To see if anyone is hiring ;)

I'd like to see costs come down further, what with Daydream and uSens leading the pack on this. I hope the trend continues.

I'm looking forward to seeing who the next upcoming players are in the AR/MR space as well as novel applications of the technology. As a designer of AR/VR content, I want to be sure I'm targeting the platforms of the future.

Hey! I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome new display tech that will increase the field of view on transparent displays. Any HoloLens or Mixed Reality news is also a plus. I'd also love to see all the fun new applications developers are cooking up. Looking forward to it!

I'm a game designer looking to check out existing gaming applications in AR and to investigate the potential in these exciting emerging devices.

I am very excited for AWE 2017 this year. I have been in the AR/ VR space for about 4 years now as a hardware and software developer. I am really looking forward to the new innovations that have been created in this space within the last year. There have been many new companies that have entered the space with new creative ideas that I definitely want to learn about to see how it will be able to expand on this space.

I'm an Electrical Engineer working on Telecom Systems for the Power Industry. I have been teaching myself programming in three.js and Unity to build productivity based applications for VR and AR. I am very excited to see and try the DAQRI Smart Helmet, whatever Autodesk is doing in this space, and other experiences that can be applied to improve large Engineering projects!

Really looking forward to AWE! I've been playing with the HoloLens and really excited about all the possibilities it can unlock. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the exhibitors, demos and meeting other people just as passionate about AR!

I am really looking forward to see new developments in AR that will revolutionize how we design the physical world!

Hey BTW, did anything ever happen with this? Did people win?
Just bought tickets to head out to San Fran from Columbus. Also quitting my job soon to spend the summer in Africa making a tech vlog, with this (below) as the Narrative to tell the story in. I'll be at AWE - currently planning on getting the one-day expo pass unless I hear from ya.

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