News: Concept Apple AR Smartglasses Offer Powerful Vision of Company's Next Wearable

Concept Apple AR Smartglasses Offer Powerful Vision of Company's Next Wearable

After years of rumors, we got our Apple Watch, and we have our anniversary iPhone, so now everyone has moved on to a new Apple rumor obsession: Apple smartglasses. And, in keeping with Apple rumor tradition, we're getting some pretty imaginative ideas of what the next big Apple product might look like.

The latest Apple smartglasses concept comes from South Korea-based designer Taeyeon Kim, and it's less about fantastical features and more about a practical look and construction that could really work.

Fans of Snapchat will notice that Kim uses the familiar and generally popular frame shape used by Snap Inc.'s Spectacles product. But instead of cameras embedded in the frames, the concept images show us lenses that become opaque when the device's Apple software is booting up.

Look at those beautiful  Glasses boot up! Image by Taeyeon Kim/Behance

Another interesting feature idea from Kim is detachable arms, following the mix-and-match accessory ethos that is a part of the Apple Watch and its variety of bands from third-party vendors. The detachable arms would not only offer the user a wider array of fashion-oriented looks, it could also offer opportunities to add new functionality to the device, like the battery bands offered for the Apple Watch, for example.

Style switcher and potential battery solution. Image by Taeyeon Kim/Behance

On the front side of the frame are two tiny indicator lights that would, presumably, let you know that your Apple Glasses have been turned on. And on the bottom of one of the lens frames are an additional three light housings that would likely work as battery level indicators.

Take my money, please. Image by Taeyeon Kim/Behance

Yet another thing Kim gets right is the Apple branding. Instead of calling the device "Apple Smartglasses" or "iGlasses," Kim simply goes with the Apple logo and the word Glasses, similar to the branding on the Apple Watch. The branding treatment is shown on an array of convincingly Apple-esque product boxes crafted by the designer.

This is way too realistic. Apple couldn't do much better. Image by Taeyeon Kim/Behance

And because we know Apple fans love more than just black and silver, Kim even thought to add a Rose Gold version of the Apple Glasses product. That tiny touch of color, which is popular with iPhone users, somehow makes the device look even more realistic.

Rose gold specs to go with your rose gold iPhone X and Apple Watch. Image by Taeyeon Kim/Behance

Personally, I'd happily wear these things tomorrow, but Apple still has a lot of work to do before it can deliver on all those smartglasses rumors. However, as a realistic take on the future, Kim's vision could work quite well.

Images by Taeyeon Kim/Behance

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Cover image via Taeyeon Kim/Behance

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I refuse tho read this! "If Apple made AR glasses, I think they might look like this and that ..." is not what I consider News but rather fantasy

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