News: Leap Motion Exec Posts Early Peek at Hand Interaction Project via Meta 2

Leap Motion Exec Posts Early Peek at Hand Interaction Project via Meta 2

It's been months since Leap Motion, the hand-tracking interface startup, announced the hiring of Keiichi Matsuda as the VP of design and global creative director based in London. Since then, Matsuda's normally active social media stream has been fairly quiet — until now.

Hardcore augmented reality followers will remember Matsuda for his epic video from two years ago titled "Hyper-Reality," which showed us a disturbingly realistic vision of a future city layered in AR advertisements and interfaces. For many, that video, despite its chaotic vision, pointed the way toward AR's future, which is why there's been so much interest in his new role at Leap Motion.

On Tuesday, Matsuda finally gave the world a peek at what he's been working on while at Leap Motion, and it is stunning.

Image by Keiichi Matsuda/Twitter

In a video posted on Twitter, Matsuda shows a view through what appears to be a Meta 2 headset. While holding his hand in from of the headset's visor, he passes his hand over to the left side to reveal a virtual version of his hand moving in perfect sync with his real hand.

No details are given as to what the stunning visual represents in terms of a product or presentation. Matsuda simply writes, "Working on something new."

Nevertheless, based on Leap Motion's previous work, it's clear that this is likely related to an updated hand input interface that works with the Meta 2 headset (and perhaps other devices).

"With the rapid adoption of VR/AR over the next few years within industries, and integration into how we live, work, and play — it is essential that we lay the groundwork for a magical user experience through a unified design philosophy," said Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion CEO, back in October, when Matsuda first joined Leap Motion.

"We can't predict what everyday life will look like in the future. What we do know is that technology will completely transform the world," said Matsuda. "I want to bring my experience in design and world-building to bring about this change."

If this is what Matsuda's vision of AR's future looks like, its future is indeed (translucently) bright.

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Cover image via Keiichi Matsude/YouTube

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