News: Watch a Demo of Leap Motion's Mobile Hand Tracking in New Video

Watch a Demo of Leap Motion's Mobile Hand Tracking in New Video

Leap Motion, an augmented and virtual reality control system, has proven to be a force of nature when it comes to pushing hand-tracking tech forward. Now they've released a video showcasing their "Blocks" demo, which is already integrated into the reference headset kit designed by Qualcomm for VR companies "to take and sell their own branded devices with."

With the Leap Motion technology, the Blocks demo, seen below on a mobile VR headset, allows users to create different shapes by pinching and pulling with their hands. These shapes can then be picked up and thrown. No additional equipment is needed—the device simply tracks what your hands are doing in real time.

According to Jamie Felthman of UploadVR, who tried the demo at the 2017 Mobile World Congress ("the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry"), the video is quite accurate to how the technology functions in person, if not just a little smoother.

This tech is no longer just an add-on for PCs, but built into the headset itself. With the VR and AR markets continuing to grow, this next step towards independence makes sense.

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Cover image by Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Commons

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