News: Get the Dog of Your Dreams with Rumored ARKit App

Get the Dog of Your Dreams with Rumored ARKit App

Dogmented reality might be coming to Apple's ARKit, so get ready to play with your new (AR) pups!

As reported by UploadVR, a tweet from the Good Dogs Twitter account stated that a dog app will be coming to iOS 11 with the ARKit.

The Good Dogs twitter account promotes the mobile app of the same name created by the owners of the popular WeRateDogs twitter account. Good Dogs is a free game in which you select a dog to play as while you nagivate around obstacles and collect bones. It's evident that the people behind the game have a passion for pups, so it makes sense that they would tweet about a potential AR dog app.

Although AR dogs may sound fairly innovative, the virtual pet market has been around for awhile. The Tamagotchi took the 90's by storm and popularized digital pets in a big way. From then on, people have been toying around with digital pets, capitalizing on their appeal. In the mid-2000s, Webkinz Virtual Pets were incredibly popular, encouraging kids to purchase real-word plushes that have online counterparts you can care for and interact with. It seems that for every generation there's a new virtual pet that captivates the public.

However, this AR dog app could change the digital pet game. Utilizing AR technology to provide people with digital pets would let them use devices they already have to interact with their pets, as opposed to purchasing new consoles or products as has historically been the case. If this alleged dog app actually becomes a reality, it could be very successful considering the popularity of digital pets in the past.

Clearly, curiosity surrounding what AR apps will be available for use is high, which makes sense considering the excitement surrounding Apple's ARKit. It was first announced at WWDC as an addition to iOS 11 that would bring AR apps to millions of compatible iPhones and iPads. This revolutionary announcement would merge AR with existing devices, making it easier than ever to explore this technology. Unlike Snapchat's rumored AR spectacles, the products you use daily are all you need to take advantage of the ARKit.

We'll just have to wait and see if a dog app will be released for the ARKit. If it does, it could join the ranks of the rumored AR tape measure app that has fans going crazy.

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