News: Here's Your First Look at the Star Wars AR Experience Being Shown Off at Nissan Showrooms

Here's Your First Look at the Star Wars AR Experience Being Shown Off at Nissan Showrooms

Earlier this week, we told you about the new Star Wars augmented reality collaboration with Nissan that will bring the famed science-fiction franchise to auto showrooms, and now we can show you what it looks like.

The AR experience, called "See the Unseen," which is only available at Nissan showrooms, allows you to transform a Nissan vehicle into a hybrid X-Wing Starfighter after you place a smartphone against the vehicle for a quick image scan.

Image by Lucasfilm/Nissan

But that's just the beginning of the experience. The app also puts you in the same room as life-sized AR versions of Star Wars droids R2-D2, C-3PO, and even one of the new BB units.

Image by Lucasfilm/Nissan

There's even an appearance of the new "Black One" X Wing that's piloted by Poe Dameron (played by Oscar Isaac) in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi film. Replete with all the familiar Lucasfilm sound effects and droid beeps, the app experience looks like a hard-to-resist sample of the Star Wars universe for even the most casual fans.

Image by Lucasfilm/Nissan

Although Nissan didn't give us details on what devices it's using to display the AR content, in the demonstration video, we see what appears to be the ASUS ZenFone AR.

Image by Lucasfilm/Nissan

The real question, for Nissan, is if this AR exclusive will help the company sell more of its Rogue, Maxima and TITAN vehicles. If you're just here for the film goodies, here's your reminder that Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on Dec. 15.

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Cover image via Nissan

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