News: MAC Cosmetics Stores Get AR Makeover with Virtual Try-on Mirrors

MAC Cosmetics Stores Get AR Makeover with Virtual Try-on Mirrors

While AR apps by Modiface and Perfect Corp. have made it easier for people to shop for makeup without setting foot in a store, MAC Cosmetics wants to give its brick-and-mortar customers the same experience.

The makeup giant just made its virtual try-on mirror, featuring 29 custom eye looks, available at MAC stores in the US. A global rollout is scheduled for early 2018.

Powered by Modiface, the MAC virtual try-on mirror maps customers' faces at a rate of 30 times per second via live video to achieve a realistic and accurate appearance.

"The new ModiFace-powered mirrors provide an unprecedented level of realism and fidelity that bring to life our brand's unique sense of color and artistry," said Tim Tareco, MAC's senior vice president of global creative, visual merchandising, and store design. "We believe this will be a game-changing addition to our stores,"

When it comes to the business of augmented reality, the cosmetics industry has already realized measurable results from its investment in the technology.

A study commissioned earlier this year by AR app maker Perfect Corp. revealed that AR app users were 1.6 times more likely to make a cosmetics purchases and spent 2.7 times more money on beauty products than customers who did not use its app. Brands within the YouCam app (iOS | Android) enjoyed two times more sales on average, with some brands seeing six times more sales. (Perfect Corp. also lists MAC Cosmetics as a client.)

Image by Modiface/YouTube

MAC Cosmetics is a renowned beauty brand with a very unique range of shades. We are delighted to be partnering with MAC on many AR initiatives, the first of which is to bring photo-realistic live video makeup try on to MAC stores.

Modiface CEO Parham Aarabi, a member of the NR50, made the case for AR and AI for cosmetics companies during a recent presentation at the Augmented World Expo 2017, as captured in the video below. (A demo of Sephora's virtual mirror starts at 8:35.)

The fashion and beauty industry have been trying for years to harness the power of cutting-edge, app-based tech and it turns out that, increasingly, AR may be the answer.

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Cover image via Modiface/YouTube

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