News: Nike's Newest App Uses AR to Sell Momofuku Sneakers

Nike's Newest App Uses AR to Sell Momofuku Sneakers

Nike's newest app is changing the way we shop. Called SNKRS, it uses augmented reality to sell the limited edition Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Momofuku" sneakers.

The free app — available for both iPhone and Android — generally works sans AR by allowing users to shop for popular Nike sneakers. However, for the much-anticipated Momofuku sneakers, Nike has rolled out AR technology so customers will have to do a little hunting if they want a pair.

To purchase the coveted sneakers, users have to utilize their cameras to display David Chang's Fuku East Village menu. If you don't live in NYC or would rather not make the trek to the restaurant, you can pull up an online menu.

If the app determines that this is the correct menu, an image of the SB Dunk High Pro will pop up. You can then choose to unlock the shoe and order it if it's available.

Unfortunately, as of now, the SB Dunk High Pro is sold out. It's limited edition, so it's unlikely it will be restocked. Although you probably won't be able to purchase the sneakers for yourself, it may still be worthwhile to try out the app. SNKRS is unique, and searching for the Fuku menu to unlock the shoes was significantly more enjoyable than simply walking into the nearest Nike store.

This innovative sneaker-shopping process will likely entice customers to engage with the app further. Considering other companies' growing use of AR to provide customers with improved service, we can expect it to play an increasingly prominent role in our future shopping experiences.

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Cover photo via Pexels/Pixabay
Screenshots by Sarah Tseggay/Next Reality

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