News: Samsung's 'Monitorless' Remote Desktop Smartglasses Blur the Line Between Virtual & Augmented Reality

Samsung's 'Monitorless' Remote Desktop Smartglasses Blur the Line Between Virtual & Augmented Reality

There are already a few ways to use your home computer on the go, but none of them feel very natural when you're out and about, and are clunky options at best. Samsung wants to change that with Monitorless, their upcoming augmented reality smartglasses, which offer remote desktop viewing capabilities as well as the ability to switch between augmented and virtual reality modes using electrochromic glass.

The smartglasses will connect to a user's Samsung smartphone via a direct Wi-Fi connection, and the phone will then use its 4G/LTE signal to connect to the user's personal computer at home. This combination will allow users to see their computer's desktop in full through the glasses, and they will even be able to control it using your phone as the controller.

Monitorless also blurs the line between augmented and virtual reality by allowing the user to switch between an occluded and non-occluded view types. This is made possible with electrochromic glass, a type of glass that changes opacity in response to a change in voltage applied to it.

This new device comes out of Samsung's C-Lab (Creative Lab), established in 2012, an incubator to inspire creative thought from their employees — a place that allows creative ideas to be formed into a potential product.

While many head-mounted displays and smartglasses are being raced to market with all new mixed reality features like spatial awareness, interactive holograms, gesture controls, and spatialized sound, these smartglasses do something far more simple. Can they do it well?

Image by VRARA Barcelona/Twitter

Samsung's C-Lab showed them off during Mobile World Congress 2017, and while we didn't get a chance to check them out, SamMobile did. While they didn't give too many details, they were generally impressed with the device.

While it might not be completely sure if or when this product hits the market, there is already a lot of work done, so all that might be left for this product could be a sales pitch?

— Danny D./SamMobile

Hopefully, that's true, as I know a lot of people who would like to get their hands on these smartglasses. Wearables also got a chance to check them out at MWC 2017, and said they'd be pretty excited for them if they got slimmed down a little and offered a less nauseating experience.

Can you see yourself remoting into your home PC through a set of smartglasses? Let us know in the comments.

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