News: Augmented Reality Contact Lenses with Terminator Vision

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses with Terminator Vision

Remember, in the Terminator movies, when Arnold's field of vision is superimposed with all sorts of data?

Sci-fi writer Vernor Vinge also described electronic contact lenses, technology that "projects" information right before the eyes.

Introducing augmented reality contact lenses, a project currently in development by University of Washington professor Babak Amir Parviz and his students. Sci-fi is steadily becoming a reality.

The lenses embed hundreds of semitransparent LEDs, allowing wearers to experience augmented reality through their very eyes. Applications vary, with everything from health monitoring, to simply awesome bionic sight. Read more info about the project from Parviz himself.

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I think I need this. I need this bad.
I want to see all the practical applications this may produce.
Ladies and gentlemen, the iEYE.

I just went to the eye doctor and asked for a pair of these. The doctor just laughed. I guess I will just have to wait.

think of all the information you could find out just by doing nothing COOOL!

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