How To: Ever Wonder How it Feels to Get Shot?

Ever Wonder How it Feels to Get Shot?

WWF's latest campaign uses augmented reality to raise awareness for the endangered Siberian tiger by demonstrating how it "feels" to be hunted down and shot. Created by Leo Burnett Moscow, thousands of special AR t-shirts featuring the tiger were printed and distributed to stores in Moscow. Each time the wearer passes in front of a "special video mirror" (re: web cam), a bloody shooting animation is triggered.

Sorry WWF, I doubt augmented reality is going to sway any poachers, but a fun glimpse into the high tech future of marketing, nonetheless.

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This whole stunt against poaching is really dumb. Their target has no relevance to tiger poaching.

i agree.. the group that would be exposed/interested in AR are so far from the poaching world.

What's with the VO? Comically disarming or some funky text-to-speech thing?

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