News: Futuristic 'Transparent Walls' Could Prevent Accidents

Futuristic 'Transparent Walls' Could Prevent Accidents

More augmented reality fun (Rock Paper Scissors Tee, Video Game Drone) and another peak into our sci-fi future.

Via New Scientist,

"If only drivers could see through walls, blind corners and other dangerous road junctions would be much safer. Now an augmented reality system has been built that could just make that come true.

The prototype uses two cameras: one that captures the driver's view and a second that sees the scene behind a view-blocking wall. A computer takes the feed from the second camera and layers it on top of the images from the first so that the wall appears to be transparent."

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Its like a video game!

wall hack.. cheaters.

This video begs far more questions than can be answered in ten seconds. Namely, how is the viewer's POV determined?

I like the method of invisibility they produced in james bond, where the car was covered in tiny cameras, and a light screen that would display everything the cameras on the opposite end would. But that would be far too costly for this sort of thing.

So a POV difficult to determine without placing a camera on the persons head. As well as the camera adjusting to their movements.

You make a good point.

pretty neat, that probably could prevent accidents. : )

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