News: WayRay's Auto Techno Video Will Make You Want to Add AR to Your Driving Experience

WayRay's Auto Techno Video Will Make You Want to Add AR to Your Driving Experience

When it comes to marketing, sexy sells, a point that has been lost on most augmented reality hardware makers focused mostly on the geek space. But a new promotional spot from AR-in-the-car accessory maker WayRay indicates that AR companies are beginning to see the virtual sizzle reel light.

Released in conjunction with WayRay's presence at this week's CES technology conference in Las Vegas, the new techno music-infused spot shows the company's Navion dashboard AR solution in an entirely new light.

Instead of framing its AR auto solution as a utilitarian device for navigation, the short video employs some of the same tactics used to sell us the latest pricey smartphone or smartwatch.

Bathed in shadow and alternating nightclub-esque lights, the WayRay device is gradually unveiled and spun around in slow-mo before taking us on an alpine road trip to show off how the device works.

Image by WayRay/YouTube

Billed as "the first holographic AR navigation system for cars," the 20-second spot doesn't contain a ton of information (for that, read our earlier coverage), but after viewing the slick video, if you have a car, there's a strong chance you'll start wondering if you need it in your life.

Image by WayRay/YouTube

The device isn't on sale yet, but in an older tweet responding to an interested consumer, the company's founder said the device will sell for between $200 and $500, "depending on modification."

Backed by an $18 million investment from China's Alibaba, the Switzerland-based company also has a strategic partnership with audio company Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung.

Apple's first AR commercial appealed more to the playful section of its consumer demographic — a smart approach for the mainstream buyers already in the iOS ecosystem. But as AR companies continue to try to explain the new computing paradigm to the public while trying to wedge their products into our cars and onto our faces, WayRay's "premium tech" framing is most likely the approach you'll see mirrored in the coming months.

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Cover image via WayRay/YouTube

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